David and Shannon are married!!!

This past Saturday my middle son, David, married Shannon Lindsay. Shannon first came into our lives about five years ago. We love her dearly and are so excited to have another beautiful daughter-in-law. (that makes three!) Bob was so honored that they asked him to marry them, as nine bridesmaids and nine groomsmen witnessed the vows. There was standing room only as the breeze, music and beautiful bay view all surrounded us. So many friends, family and the presence of God were there as we celebrated this special day.

My oldest son, Paul and youngest son, Kevin were among the nine groomsmen. They all looked so handsome. My brother Blake, and four nephews were the ushers. I loved it when David walked me down the aisle and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “Love you Momma”. He always says “Love you Momma”.

Bob was so good to us all, and rented a three bedroom penthouse in Baytowne Wharf for all to be together. The groomsmen used that as their headquarters, to come eat, visit and dress for the wedding.

I was so impressed with Shannon and all the detail that she put into the wedding and the reception. Her southern theme was truly charming. I can’t wait to upload more pictures as soon as they come in. Her family and all the people Shannon worked with hosted a beautiful wedding. We are truly blessed to come together with the Lindsay family and begin a new chapter.

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