Walk By Her Side

IMG_8280.JPGThe other day I was sitting on the balcony at the beach condo where we were staying for the weekend and spotted this father and his little girl down below walking back from the beach.   He was walking briskly in front of her, as her little steps were at double time just trying to keep up.  Every time I see this, it makes me sad.  Husbands and fathers….please see that your daughter and wife are the most precious and valued possessions that God has given you?   There can be all kinds of excuses on why you leave your girl behind, but love overrides them all so stay by her side.   Little girls are looking for heroes and their prince charming to come sweep them up……and believe it or not dads…..you are suppose to be making that fairy tale dream come true!!   Daughters feel secure and loved with you by their side dad.  Wives feel loved and cherished when her man is willing to wait and walk by her side.  Whether it’s walking side by side or sitting quietly, shoulder to shoulder, something magical is happening.    No words are really necessary, just allow the moments to be the moments and stay in step with one another. 

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