Mainsail In Destin, Florida

In the late 80’s and early 90’s my parents owned a comdominium at Mainsail.  Bob, the boys and I enjoyed visiting my  mom and dad when they traveled to Destin from Birmingham for a time of rest and relaxation.  Abbey wasn’t born until 1996 so she never experienced these special visits with her grandparents and unfortunately never got to meet my father.

I loved my parents coming to Destin, although I do regret not spending more time with them when they came, but I am probably being too hard on myself. I remember mom and dad  enjoying their time on the beach and I am sure they enjoyed a little space before we brought our three sons for a visit.

Yesterday,  after a doctor’s appt I pulled into Tops’l to take a morning walk.  While enjoying my walk on the beautiful beach, I didn’t realize I had gone quite a ways. Actually, I was about a mile down the beach before I saw Mainsail where my parents used to own a condo and visit quite frequently in the early 90’s. All of a sudden when my eyes locked on the Mailsail building my emotions and mood began to change. Tears streamed down my face. I began to weep and sob as I walked towards the buildings. I longed so bad for those days long gone.  Just to see my parents, brothers and sisters all happy together with our families on the beach. I felt such overwhelmed sadness. Then,  I just had to see the pool my boys and I used to swim in with their grandparents.  I wanted  to walk on the boardwalk we walked on and the beach we all played on.  I looked out in the gulf where my momma bobbed up and down saying how healing the salt water was.  I looked up at the 6th floor and remembered the night Bob, the boys, my parents and brothers and I all played games together in the condo. I remembered the baseball we played on the beach with my mom, dad and our young sons. One particular game my mother kept telling David and trying to show him how to play and some rules.  Keep in mind this was wiffle ball.  She just wanted him to understand.  Honestly ,David was born understanding how to play sports.  Anyway, we all laugh about it to this day how she was telling David the “how to’s” and David just wanted to swing that bat!   David look at my mom and said, “Gigi, you aren’t the B. O. S. T. of baseball.   He meant boss!   We laughed and laughed.

I hadn’t been to Mailsail since my parents sold their condo before daddy died on August 8, 1995.  Then momma died July 19, 2011.  It can be such a lonely feeling at times when both your mom and dad have died. It was especially hard yesterday because it’s 20 years ago today, August 8th that daddy passed.

A good cry and a time of reflection is ok.  Sadness is ok,  but don’t want to camp out there too long. It’s too hard.   My prayer today is that we honor, cherish and remember those that we love and have lost.  I will never forgot my folks, but they are gone now.  I still have siblings still alive though.

After momma died, some family relationships suffered and still are. My hope and prayer is for those that are left behind after a loved one dies, please don’t shut down, bury your emotions and pain and forgot about the family in your life that are still alive and well. Life is so short and soon will be just a memory.


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