Dirty Food, Dirty Electricity

It has taken me years, and going through many health issues before beginning to understand the concerns and consequences of eating processed food, dirty electricity, toxic chemicals, toxic beauty products, etc. Goodness, I am still learning everyday and loving it. Sometimes it’s been out of pain I have learned, but it’s ok. Like the saying goes….”no pain, no gain”.

Most recently, I am discovering the concerns over LED, CFL and florescent lighting. Maybe there are other types of lighting that are toxic, or “dirty electricity” as well. It was one morning, during my quiet time, I was trying to read one of the Psalms. I just couldn’t see the writing very well. I had to move my Bible closer to the lamp, and even thought whether or not I should turn on the overhead light, which I never had to do to read. I was wondering if it was my eyes, and very possibly so, but that would have been unusual. I remembered what I had read a while back about LED lighting, and how it can cause damage to your health, and so I looked up under the lampshade to see what kind of light bulb was burning, and sure enough, it was an LED bulb. Oh goodness. What was I thinking? I went around and unscrewed a whole box full of LED lights, maybe over a hundred dollars or so worth, along with some other kind of lights that look like a spiral staircase that have mercury in them. I want to create as non-toxic environment as possible. I can’t create a perfect environment, but I know I can help create a better environment. It takes some hunting to find the original incandescent light bulbs, but they are out there. You might have to order but it’s a good feeling to have them. We even have incandescent Christmas lights for the roof. Below is some information that I found available to other readers regarding toxic lighting.

Florescent lighting has mercury in it. We can debate about whether the amount is harmful or not, but honestly, I don’t want to inhale, or possibly be subjected to any mercury if I don’t have to.

LED light bulbs do not contain mercury, which can be found in CFL bulbs. However, like all-electric equipment, LEDs contain hazardous materials like arsenic, nickel, lead, and silver. This makes up a good point to ask yourself “Is it ok to throw one away in the trash?” Today I called our county’s Public Works Department and spoke with someone in the Solid Waste Division, and they told me that the LED lights and other similar lights, besides incandescent lighting, definitely needs to be taken to a place that disposes of and receives toxic waste. Geeze, how many of us have ever heard that before? Yes, if you do a little research and dig into it, you can read about this on several sites. I don’t believe the government has a real good handle on the regulations for LED lighting. Kind of like how the government doesn’t have a good handle on regulating all the chemicals that make up toxic fragrances in many perfumes and products, or the dangers of amalgam/mercury fillings. The whole thing is a mess.

You can read about it from several sources, but basically in 2019, The Trump administration blocked a designed to phase out older incandescent bulbs and require Americans to use energy-efficient light bulbs. Here is one source. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/20/climate/trump-light-bulb-rollback.html

Bottom line. Keep it simple. Keep it healthy. Buy incandescent lighting when at all possible.

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