Being Intentional.


Whether it is a diet or a relationship, we have to be intentional in our thoughts, steps and pursuit of doing the right things and making wise and Godly choices. Like the STOP, DROP and ROLL drill that people have learned and and to think about if their clothing catches on fire, we need to intentionally think about STOPPING, PRAYING and LISTENING to the Holy Spirit to guide us before we speak, Facebook, text or snapchat that boy or girl, or eat that wrong food. The question crossed my mind if Jesus had to be intentional in making good choices and being obedient when he was growing up. Many times when I asked my kids when they were growing up and even high school or college age, why they did what they did, or why they made that wrong choice, many times I would get the answer “I don’t know” or “I just didn’t think about it”. I guess I can understand those answers to some degree, because I have no idea why I just stuffed down a large glass of sweet tea, combo meal and a blizzard at Dairy Queen knowing I just ignored all my food sensitivities and the bad affect sugar has on my health. Maybe there are times we just don’t care if we do what’s good for us, or maybe we don’t think down the line to see how we will suffer from those bad choices. Have you ever heard of H.A.L.T? When we are either Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired we so easily lose it and break down. We can slowly let the small bad choices come in so often, that after a while we can grow numb, complacent, blind and deaf to what is the better, and Godly path or choice. Choices can either draw us closer or farther away from good and healthy things. I believe we should practice being intentional in making right choices. Anyone ever heard of the book “Practicing the Presence of God” or heard Bill Johnson from Bethel’s teachings on Practicing walking in the presence of God? Making good choices might not come easily or naturally for many of us but I believe that we can and should practice more and more being in the presence of God daily, hourly and minute by minute, and that we will begin more and more to develop a strong desire to have a heart after Him. If we can begin to think more intentionally of wanting to follow HIM, I believe we will then naturally begin to hunger and thirst for more of HIM, and will want to stay in constant conversation all day with the Holy Spirit telling Him of our love, devotion and desire for HIM. Oh Lord How Beautiful….Your Face is all I seek, and when Your eyes are on this child, your grace abounds to me.