When Your Child Reaches for Candy and Gets the Cosmo Magazine Instead


Isn’t it a shame that when your child reaches for candy in most stores check out lines they get an eye full!

Many people want to be world changers. Some have different views of what that means.  To me…it means starting right in my own home, planting good seeds.   Next, it means seeing who God has put me around to be an influence to, whether it be my children’s schools, band organization, soccer team, work, church, etc.

A few days ago I had an another opportunity to try and make a difference and plant a seed at our local grocery store.  It has been about four years since I first began expressing my concerns and opinions to the Managers at our Winn Dixie Store here in Destin, Florida about having the Cosmopolitan and other inappropriate magazines at the check out counter.   I went through about four different changes of Managers finally before they made a change and shields were put on the Cosmopolitans, as well as they were moved away from the counter.  Yoo hoo!!!  I had a little victory.   I do remember one day during that time frame my brother walking out of the store with me snickering about what I was doing as if my voice would never be heard.  So, yes, I was snickered about and probably talked about, even amongst my own family and probably amongst the managers, but knowing what my passions are and staying focused on that keeps me on track.   One thing about using our voice is that if God has something in your heart he wants us to share and be heard, I have the faith that it will be.

Because the traffic was too long to head to Fresh Market the other day,  I ran up to Winn Dixie.   I was wanting to grab some pork chops for our dinner as we had friends coming over that night.  After shopping I proceeded to check out and I purposely took a quick look and there it was!  The Cosmopolitans were back at the check out counter.      YEP!!!  Eye level where little kids check out with their moms or dads while looking for candy and other little things….. Grrrr!!!!  I have to admit that in recent visits, I have not taken the time to see if what the manager’s agreed upon in the past was still being implemented, as I do get in a hurry.  But this day I did take the time.   Especially I felt it necessary and the right time to address this with the manager as directly behind me were three beautiful girls.  As I looked at them I thought of how sweet and pure they appeared,  and I began to bubble inside with a little righteous anger and urgency to get the manager.   No, I didn’t turn over any tables in the marketplace. Yes I did pause.  I just don’t want things to go back the way they were years ago.   Besides, my grandchildren, although toddlers, go through those same lines when they shop with their parents.

The manager and his assistant were gracious to listen as I talked about how Publix must value their families as they shield their inappropriate magazines at the check out counter.  As I had done in years past and with other managers at this same store, I explained to this manager that I have been a resident of Destin for over 25 years, and love my town.  I love shopping locally. My husband and I have been married for 38 years and have loved raising four children in Destin.  Also, I mentioned that I am a blessed grandmother of four.   I continued as I did other times in the past explaining that I have nothing against sex and that sex is great when it’s how God intended it to be. Also I threw in there that my husband and I enjoy sex but God created sex for a purpose….and I don’t believe it’s for my children, your children and other people’s children to read and see about at the check out counter, and that magazines like Cosmopolitan, should have a shield on it or be moved to another place to help protect our children of all ages’ eyes.  Amen and Hallelujah!  (I didn’t say that last part, but felt like it)

It’s just another of many avenues I have been down in fighting for sexual integrity, as I remember the days many years ago when I realized that the seeds that were being planted into my three sons would not be good ones if I continued to allow Victoria Secret Magazine to come in the mail.  Next was the American Eagle catalogue I had to call and ask them to please stop sending me.  Most of this comes from things you never asked for but get when you let the store have your email or sign up for discounts, etc.     I also stopped shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch when Abbey was in middle school for many reasons. First an foremost, I was not going to support fluffed up pornography and half naked young children and teenagers posing in AF outfits.   You get my point.  For me and my house, planting good seeds and weeding out the weeds that will choke my family was and still is very important.

I can only hope I planted a good seed at our local store the other day. I am sure I will have to keep praying, keep watching and keep watering it.    I truly believe if we all plant just one little seed at a time and continue to water it, that we can definitely make a world of a different and begin bringing back our homes, neighborhoods and America to good morals and values.  Never hurts to try.